In this quick video training I will show you how to use this downloadable debt reduction calculator.

I love this worksheet because it is free and it has helped a ton of my clients, friends and family.

You will be surprised how easy it could be to get out fo an overwhelming pile of debts in just a few months when you put a plan together.


Once you have downloaded it connect with me on facebook and let me know what you think about it.

New CEO Announced for Empower Network


Here is a note from the Dave's on the direction of Empower Netowork and the new CEO

Episode 11 - Final Thoughts & Expanding What's Possible [4 of 4]

Welcome back to [part 4 of 4] of the 'Costa Rican Mastermind' series.

Today, Jonathan shares what made him lock arms with Empower Network 

We talk about bringing worlds together

Expanding internationally, growing the vision and tapping into your inner power. Helping you create an empowered lifestyle.

It's been an interesting week, some badass ideas have been brought to the surface.

When I started Empower Network, I had a vision of helping other people succeed. I wanted to help people succeed who before Empower Network, couldn't do it.

Now, it's about doing that in a BIGGER way, in new languages, new countries, all around the world. It's time to think bigger.

I'm excited, about implementing the vision, bigger & better with Jonathan, our affiliates and customers all over the world. Helping you succeed more & live better in every area of your life.

Bigger, better, faster.

Watch the video, and leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Love ya,

- David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Look forward to seeing you in Miami, tickets in the members area.

P.P.S. Re-blog this, share it with your list and spread the vision of what Empower Network really is. See you on Monday for the next video.


- The EN Team

Morning Walk by the Shore


Morning Walk by the Shore

Everyone in the "Bay Area" is pissed off about the BART strike...

Last week everyone was pissed off about the Governtment Shutdown... What will it be next week.


In this video I give you my two cents on the whole mess.

It's only 3 minutes so let me know what you think about my rant.

Sooo... When is BART running again?  Will BART be running tomorrow?  Who cares if you create your own economy.

I want to make this quick video.

It's day 1 of this “Big Bart Shutdown” that everybody is talking about here in the news. It’s not one thing or another that they have the argument about... Last week, it’s called “Government Shutdown”

This week it’s this huge “Bart Strike” that everybody’s freaking about. Everybody’s got an opinion on it. Everybody’s either pissed off at the management companies for being greedy or else everybody’s pissed off at the workers for feeling like their entitled, right?

I’m kind of on the third party aspect of this. I don’t come from either side of management or worker but you know, what if you just didn’t have to depended on stuff like this?

What if you were able to make your own economy and you didn’t have to commit into a job, and you could roll off your bed, and go to your home office, and work a few hours and make a decent income, and call the day whenever you wanted to. I’m not talking about crazy stuff here.

I’m not talking about being a millionaire overnight.

I’m not some kind of online guru or anything like that...

What if you can just pay your mortgage through some extra income that you could make from a home office.

People may say to me... Jason you’ve been doing this for a while and we’ve all been following you, we watch you, you’ve done real estate...

But you know what... not too long ago at all I was waiting tables, I was broke, and I was struggling just like anybody else.


By no means if I become some kind of millionaire, I don’t have a huge house, I don’t keep the nice cars.

For me, it’s all about time freedom.

I don’t have to screw around with this Bart Mess, I don’t have to worry about that because I’ve created my own economy where I can go ahead and show up when I want to show up, hustle in work when I want to work, and create the lifestyle that I want. Mostly it’s time-freedom for me.


I want to be able to get up when I want to, take a walk when I want to, hang out with my family when I want to.

How would that feel for you if you can do that?

Well, it may be a lot easier than you can think it could be to do and if you ever want to take a look at something like this and see exactly how I’ve done it, I’m looking for just a few people to take under my wing and show them some of the systems that I use and some of the things that I’ve done to be able to create this kind of lifestyle.

If you’re interested and you want to take a look, you’re really serious, somewhere in this page, somewhere where this video is there’s going to be a link.

I want you to click it and I want you to get in contact with me with an email or phone call, however you can. Just reach to me and let me know. I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about here and how I got started and how you could get started too.

So forget about this whole Government Shutdown Bart Strike crap and start creating your own economy.

Do it and do it today. 

This was just crazy...  I woke up to this fire the other day in my Pleasant Hill CA Home.

The other night at 1:23AM I woke up to some loud SNAPS.  I popped up and saw the first flames.  By the time I had called 911 the place was an inferno.

I heard the family screaming and looking for eachother... Luckily they all got out safe.

I had never really seen a fire like this up close.

It was pretty scary to be sure. 

One thing is that it TRULY make you realize again how things are not truly important

People... family and friends are really all that truly matter in this world.  Treat the people in you life special EVERYDAY.

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